Tuesday, September 6, 2016

25 Weeks Pregnant

These weeks really are flying by! My doctor has said they don't typically let twin pregnancies go past 38 weeks, which means my babies will be here in about 13 weeks. So crazy to think!

I'm starting to a little feel stressed about our car situation, particularly the fact that our current cars cannot fit three car seats. But - we are going to list our Jeep for sale this week and have decided that we are officially buying a mini van. Never thought I'd be a mini van person but I'm actually kind of excited!

Babies at 25 Weeks 

Apparently the babies are now the size of rutabagas, and learning this resulted in Josh and I googling exactly what is a rutabaga. I bet my parents would have known! According to my apps, the babies are each approximately 1.5 pounds and about 13.6 inches long. I was also informed that my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball. Somehow with twins, I'm guessing that it's even larger!

I am still mostly just feeling kicks in the same place in my belly (upper right side, just below my ribs), which makes me think that the babies haven't changed position over the last few weeks. I know it's early on in my pregnancy still, but it makes me nervous that both babies aren't head down and baby B seems quite comfortable in his transverse position. My doctor has warned that the transverse position is even less ideal than breech, so hopefully as the babies get larger, gravity will help pull them into better positions.

Weight Gain

I won't know until after my appointment tomorrow, but I am sure I am gaining weight steadily. My belly feels and looks bigger this week than last week, as evidenced by my protruding belly button. The heat combined with long car rides to/from Buffalo and Canada caused me to swell up quite a bit over the weekend. Hopefully I'm not putting on a lot of water weight like I did when I was pregnant with Asher.


Not sure how I haven't yet mentioned this but my entire pregnancy, I have been obsessed with bagels. Prior to being pregnant, I never really ate bagels. Maybe once in a blue moon. But I find myself buying several bagels from the bakery at Wegmans every time I'm there. I'm eating bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes, egg sandwiches with avocado, and even just plain bagels toasted with butter. Josh laughs when he seems me unloading the groceries with the inevitable bakery bag of bagels every week. I'm sure the carbs aren't great for me but I can't help but want all. the. bagels.


My heartburn is killing me slowly and all the Zantac and Tums in the world aren't making a difference. Someone asked me the other day why it is that pregnancy causes heartburn and I didn't really have an answer because I know some ladies never experience it at all, while others are tortured by it for most of their second and third trimesters. Apparently the old wives tale is that heartburn is associated with hairy babies (definitely true with Asher!), so I've decided that these baby boys must be werewolves.

My SPD has been better the last few days, which is a huge relief. I don't know if the babies shifted positions and took some of the pressure off my pelvis or what, but I was able to walk in the Labor Day parade with Moms and Kids without much pain.


I have been falling asleep way earlier than normal. I'm usually a night owl but lately I'm asleep by 10pm and I'm perfectly okay with it. Asher is still sleeping through the night, which is so refreshing after almost two years of terrible sleep. I think that's why I'm actually sleeping soundly, despite being pregnant. Gotta get my sleep in while I can! Crossing my fingers that these babies will be better sleepers than Asher.

Something to Be Happy About

Josh finished painting the trim in the baby room! I have a serious urge to nest so it will be nice to finally be able to get started setting everything up. It will also encourage me to finally make some decisions about the decor (rug, bedding, etc.) that I've been really indecisive about up until this point. I can't wait to see everything come together!

We also had a great time in Buffalo! Asher absolutely loved staying in the hotel and swimming in the pool. We took trips to the Buffalo Zoo, Niagara Falls State Park, and even a trip to the IKEA in Canada to pick up some things for the nursery. It was so nice to spend some time away as a family before we add two more members in the next few months!

Here are some photos from our trip:

Something to Look Forward to

We realized today that we have absolutely no plans for this weekend, which hardly ever happens. We've been so busy lately that it will be nice to have a low key family weekend. Asher has been begging us to go to the museum (honestly not sure whether he is talking about the Museum of Play or the Ithaca Sciencenter) so we will probably take him at some point. Here's to hoping this weekend includes lots of rest, snuggles, and just hanging out with my guys!

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