Monday, November 14, 2016

35 Weeks Pregnant

Just for comparison's sake, at 35 weeks pregnant with Asher, I was still taking the dog on nightly 3+ mile walks. This time around, I feel like I deserve a trophy when I walk downstairs to the basement to do a load of laundry. The end of the third trimester with twins is no joke.

Babies at 35 Weeks 

I'll know more after my ultrasound at my doctor's appointment tomorrow, but these babies are getting big. I know this because my belly is so huge and heavy that it takes my breath away at times. No wonder, because my apps estimate that the babies are around 5.5 pounds each. The good news is that with every passing week, the babies are developing more and more and preparing for life outside the womb. As of this week, their kidneys are completely developed and their livers are functional. 

Weight Gain

I don't have anything to note here as I haven't had my doctor's appointment yet this week. I can update this section later in the week.


I feel really hungry mid-day and then hardly hungry at dinner time most evenings. Between chasing after Asher and my total exhaustion, I don't snack between meals, so I try to make myself eat dinner every night even though I don't always feel like it. With how much the babies are growing these days, I'm trying to focus on getting more protein into my diet. I've been eating a lot of cheese and yogurt these days.


I swear, every day gets harder as these babies get bigger. Standing or even sitting up for extended periods makes my back ache and my legs/feet swell. Getting up off the floor feels nearly impossible at times. I just want to sleep all day every day, which unfortunately isn't an option for me.


I'm starting to have dreams about the babies coming. I'm not sure if this is a sign or just occurring because I'm constantly thinking about it when I'm not sleeping. A lot of my dreams center around my anxiety about induction and c-sections, basically all of the unknowns associated with the twins' birth that could possibly be different this time around.

Something to Be Happy About

We got some art hung on the walls in the nursery this weekend, including some beautiful prints that were a gift from my sister, Sarah! I'm still waiting on an ottoman to arrive for in front of the nursing chair but things are really starting to come together. Here is a sneak peek...

Something to Look Forward to

I am so looking forward to hitting the 36 week mark in my pregnancy, my next goal for my babies! I am at the point where every day that passes where I am still pregnant with two healthy, growing baby boys feels like a triumph.

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