Tuesday, October 18, 2016

31 Weeks Pregnant

I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where it's starting to get really difficult just to function semi-normally. I'm definitely the size that I was at full term with Asher. To stay positive, I keep telling myself that with every week that I keep these babies in my belly, it means more time that they spend developing and less time in the NICU.

I'm starting to think about how Asher will transition to his new role as the big brother when the babies arrive. I know he is going to be so sweet with them but I worry about how he will feel about my attention being split between the babies and him. I think he senses the changes that are coming and has started regressing with potty training in addition to his difficulties sleeping. Anyone have any tips about how to make this transition a little easier on him?

Babies at 31 Weeks 

I'll know more after my appointment this week, but my apps estimate the babies to be the size of coconuts, approximately 3.3 pounds and 18 inches long. Apparently the babies are starting to develop more fat and their eyes can now react to light. 

Weight Gain

My doctor said to look out for swelling that doesn't go down when I rest and my feet are elevated, which is what I'm starting to notice. I'm certain that this will be reflected in my weight gain this week. I'm already looking forward to the days where the numbers on the scale will go down instead of up every week. I remember at the end of my pregnancy with Asher, when I was retaining a lot of water, I gained 7 pounds in one week. I'm praying that this doesn't happen again.


My latest craving/pregnant obsession is apples. Asher and I picked out a big bag of organic apples at the grocery store and have been eating them every day since. I've really been digging apples with peanut butter but also like to just eat them plain.

I've been feeling less like cooking lately so my meals have been really simple. Luckily I got the new Skinnytaste cookbook, which is perfect timing because it consists of slow cooker meals and 30 minute meals. I love Gina's recipes because they are so easy, but always flavorful and healthy. I'm looking forward to trying out some new recipes this week!


My belly is starting to feel really heavy, which makes even every day activities like grocery shopping extremely tiring. Rolling over in bed is nearly impossible. I really can't imagine how I will feel in a couple weeks when the babies are even bigger! I feel very fortunate to not be working right now. Even though my days with Asher are long, I have the ability to sit down when (*if) he naps. I remember how hard it got to be on my feet every day when I was still teaching and pregnant with Asher. Not sure I could do it again this time around with twins!


Very little sleeping is happening these days. This section is starting to feel repetitive and slightly depressing. I need a nap.

Something to Be Happy About

We put down a deposit on a van and are going to pick it up next weekend. Seriously, I never thought I would be so happy to buy a minivan. I was actually one of those people who insisted I would drive a large SUV and never have a van but look how things have changed! I mean, the sliding doors, dvd player, seats that fold into the floor. What is there for a mom of three NOT to love? 

Something to Look Forward to

We are hoping to finish up with the nursery this weekend. My mom is here visiting and brought us a dresser and I ordered a rug, which should be here Friday. I have been look forward to putting away all of the baby clothes that I have washed and folded. Even more exciting is that we might actually reach my goal of having everything ready for the babies by 32 weeks!

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